Where FLEABAG meets SEX AND THE CITY for anyone who has had their heart broken
How to survive a fatal stab wound to the heart...and still make your morning meeting!


For theater companies, television streaming services or independent producers interested in cultivating new, entertaining works and talent, the one woman show A Girl Far From Normal is open to lead producers, investors and investor partners.

Live Theater

  • Low overhead and minimal upfront production costs

- one cast member

- minimal production crew

- minimal set

- existent sound, visuals and props

  • Flexible staging for a diversity of venues

  • Completed work

  • Performed from the heart by a fresh, witty and endearing performer

Feature Film and Television Streaming

  • Easily adaptable to a feature film or limited series format.

To learn more, email:

Daniel Friedman - dfriedman@RPNewYork.com

Media Inquiries and Press/Industry Comp Requests:

Paul Siebold / Off Off PR - paul@offoffpr.com