About "A Girl Far From Normal"

At 53 years old, Robyn is a happily married and devoted wife, quietly proud mother of three, self-assured, and as endearing as they come (think Laura Petri…yes, Dick Van Dyke’s TV wife). She has finally become the woman she always wanted and imagined, when after 32 years of marriage she is emotionally blindsided by her husband’s abrupt, surgical-strike decision to end it.

Her perfectly crafted, real-life rom-com world collides head-on with romantic tragedy when her seemingly devoted and happy Captain Von Trapp of a husband gives her the bad news:  He wants to take a marriage vacation!

Always thinking that people who say “They had no idea their spouse was about to leave” was a myth, Robyn wonders what other myths she’s been telling and, more importantly, believing. She finds herself calling upon her lifetime obsession with the protagonists of her favorite movies. Emulating them, will Robyn figure out how NOT to die from a broken heart?

"Robyn is the girl next door who shares the demons of her past, horrors of her childhood, and the highs and lows of her marriage in a matter-of-fact way. Woven through the painful parts are hilariously funny anecdotes which have the audience howling with laughter. She drops her punchlines with deadpan wit and shares her heart with a softness that makes the audience want to reach out and give her a warm hug. I related to so many parts of the show, and in some way, she made me feel less alone for all I have personally experienced in my life."

- Jennifer Irwin, Author